DME Engineering Services


DME were contracted to assist in the expansion of the Visy Tumut Paper Mill.

We carried out the following works for both Visy and Andritz to enable Visy to more than double their production capacity from 300,000 tonnes per annum to 700,000 tonnes per annum:

Installation of boiler house steelwork (Andritz): The boiler house steelwork was pre-fabricated in China then installed on site by DME. It was made up of approximately 2000 tonnes of steelwork and stands 85m tall.

Installation of Chemical Recovery Boiler (including all ancillary mechanical equipment and process pipework)(Andritz): The recovery boiler is supplied with 670 tonnes per day of black liquor which is recovered from the process. It produces 70 tonnes per hour of steam at 64 bar and 460°C. The boiler parts (approx 1000 tonnes) were pre-fabricated in India and DME performed the installation onsite in Tumut.

Installation of Evaporator Vessel including all ancillary equipment (Andritz): The Evaporator vessel measure 10m in diameter and was 21m tall. It was pre-fabricated from stainless steel in China then assembled on site by DME. The assembly included all the vessel strakes aswell as the many internal components, access platforms, process tanks and turbo fan.

Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Black Liquor Tank (Visy): DME manufactured the Black Liquor Tank in our Smithfield and Warragamba workshops then transported to site for assembly. The vessel was 7m in diameter and 17m tall.

Supply, fabrication and installation of turbine hall steam piping (Visy): Steamfrom the boilers is fed to a steam turbine to produce 20 MW of power. The power is generated at 11kV and is mostly used in the mill.

DME fabricated the pipework in our Sydney workshop and transported it toTumut where it was installed by our project team there.

The high pressure steam was fabricated from CrMo, which required pre and postweld heat treatment, and the medium and low pressure steam from carbon steel.