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DME Engineering Services prides itself on a strong commitment to the maintaining of high standards in the areas of health, safety and the environment. This is achieved by identifying potential hazards, assessing their risks and determining the appropriate control measures required to deal with these issues.

As a company, we undergo self-audit to enable us to continually improve our systems. As well, we have successfully passed independent third party audits by external auditing companies (for the WorkCover Premium Discount Scheme), as well as by Clients (for Preferred Supplier Designation).

HS&E Policy

Statement of Intent

The Health and Safety policy of the company is to protect employees and others at our workplace(s) from work caused injury and ill health and to comply with all relevant safety legislation.


Managers will carry out this Policy, being responsible for the health and safety of all persons working in any operation under their control. They will ensure that supervisors who report to them are provided with the necessary instruction, training and resources to implement the Policy and hold them accountable to do so.

Supervisors and all persons directing the work of others will be responsible for all people in their charge. They will actively take steps to identify hazards, which could cause any harm to any person in their area of control or operation and take prompt action to control them or report them to another person who has authority and capability to do so.

Managers and Supervisors may delegate safety duties to others, but the responsibility remains with them.

Employees must take care of their health and safety and that of their fellow workers to the extent of their capability, by following all safety rules, procedures and instructions of their supervisors. They must not misuse safety equipment and must report all hazards and injuries or ill health to their supervisor or another management person if the supervisor is not present.

Implementing the Policy

This policy will be carried out through an OH&S program, which includes:

  • Active involvement and commitment of managers
  • Identification and control of hazards.
  • Investigation and reporting of all accidents and dangerous incidents.
  • Participation of and consultation with, employees on safety matters of significance.
  • Provision of first aid and emergency procedures.
  • Provision of information, training and supervision as necessary for safety.

This Policy will be reviewed when required by changes in legislation, or when company operations require it. If altered, employees will be consulted and notified of changes.


Statement of Intent

The Company is committed to:

  • Preventing injury and illness by providing a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Ensuring that injury management activities commence as soon as possible after Injury and every effort is made to provide suitable, meaningful duties consistent with the nature of the illness / injury, after seeking appropriate medical assessment.
  • Providing support throughout the Return to Work process to minimise the effects of the injury and ensure that an early return to work is normal practice and expectation.
  • Providing suitable duties for an injured employee as soon as is practical, as an integral part of their individual Return to Work.
  • Consulting with employees to ensure the Return-to-Work program is effective.
  • Ensuring no prejudice against an injured worker undertaking a Return-to-Work program.
Management Responsibilities
  • Ensuring a current Workers Compensation insurance policy is maintained;
  • Ensuring the implementation, evaluation and ongoing monitoring of the Injury Management policy and procedures;
  • Ensuring the Incident Reporting and Injury Management procedures are implemented as soon as practicable following a reported workplace illness / injury; and
  • Ensuring all workers compensation claims and accompanying documentation are provided to the insurer within 48 hours for a 'significant injury' (continuous incapacity for more than 7 days) and within 7 days for any other type of injury.
Employee Responsibilities
  • Taking reasonable care in the performance of work so as to prevent work- related injuries to themselves and others;
  • Notifying their employer of any risk and injury as soon as possible;
  • Completing an Incident Report form and possible resulting workers compensation claim documentation as soon as possible;
  • Cooperating and actively participate in an individual Return-to-Work program; &
  • Co-operating with reasonable workplace modifications designed to assist in the Return to Work of co-workers.
Injury Management Procedure

During any phase of the Injury Management procedure, the following points will be considered:

  • At all times, the employee has the right to seek treatment and/or Return to Work advice from their own Doctor or an accredited Return to Work Provider.
  • Whilst participation in a Return to Work program is voluntary, unreasonable refusal to cooperate may result in the insurer reducing or stopping benefits provided.

Don Earle.
Managing Director.
DME Engineering Services Pty Ltd.