DME Engineering Services


Each year, DME are contracted by the City of Sydney Council to fabricate and erect the display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the New Year's Eve festivities.

The display is mounted on 48 structural steel panels, each measuring 9m x 3m and is made up of up to 18km of rope light and 450 individual circuits.

One challenging display was the "Disco Ball" in 2004 which involved the raising of a 20 metre diameter sphere, from the water level directly below the bridge, up to a point next to the central hangers of the arch of the bridge. Beams of light were then directed towards the sphere, reflecting and shimmering off of the 350 rotating fans on the structure.

The sphere was fabricated at the DME workshop, and transported to the docks at White Bay, Balmain, where it was assembled together by DME personnel. The fan unit components were also manufactured at the DME workshop, and assembled and mounted onto the sphere on site by City of Sydney personnel.

Once completed, a 160 tonne crane lifted the sphere onto a barge – in readiness for its short trip on New Year's Eve, up the harbour to it's final destination … the Harbour Bridge.