DME Engineering Services


DME were contracted by Metso Paper to supply, fabricate and install the steam and condensate system for the Amcor B9 Project at the Botany Mill.

The steam and condensate system runs from the existing boiler house, across a pipe bridge and into the new paper machine building. The high pressure steam from the boiler runs at 3200kPa before being reduced to 950kPa as it enters the paper machine building.

The steam and condensate system runs on the cascade principle where the blow through steam and flash steam from higher pressure steam groups are exploited in steam groups with lower pressure. As part of the installation of this system, DME also installed multiple condensate tanks, pumps and inline valves and instrumentation.

DME also installed the stainless steel process piping for the stock preparation system. Our scope of work for this included the installation of the centrifugal pumps, inline valves and instrumentation, and secondary pipe supports for the whole paper machine system.